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Oven Cleaning Kingston

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Oven Cleaning
Our cleaners are certified to sanitise various types of ovens including AGAs.
AGA Cleaning
A service designed to help you maintain your AGA cooker in a tip-top condition.
BBQ Cleaning
Dedicated cleaning techniques for even the greasiest and most left out BBQs.
Deep Cleaning
Full sanitation of your cook area, suitable for domestic kitchens of any size.


If you are looking for top-notch oven cleaning in Kingston, know that you have just found the right team of professionals for the job. We, at Oven Cleaning Kingston, are an experienced and trustworthy cleaning firm and guess what – we specialise namely in professional oven cleaning. What is more, we can clean a wide selection of other cooking and kitchen appliances. As a matter of fact, we can clean your entire kitchen. Our competent cleaning technicians are like cleaning superheroes because they have remarkable skills and our prices are, to say the least, incredibly budget-friendly.

Most reliable oven cleaning service in Kingston

We are a dependable company and our comprehensive oven cleaning in Kingston has become among the top such services not only in this particular London area but also in the English capital as a whole. Our courteous cleaners are certified to sanitise various types of ovens. Single ovens, double ovens, large ovens – regardless of the size or the model of your oven, we will not fail to properly degrease it and to make it shine both on the inside and on the outside. In addition to that, we can clean other kinds of cooking appliances such as hobs, extractors and even microwaves.

Excellent results for a cheap price

You are guaranteed to enjoy premium quality if you choose to rely on our punctual cleaning services in Kingston but, unlike most other cleaning businesses in the industry, we will deliver you a 100% service satisfaction for a very low cost. To clean your single oven, we only charge £45 and to provide our customers with a full oven cleaning which covers not only the sanitation of the oven but also of its hobs and extractors, you will spend barely £77 for the whole thing. Smaller cooking appliances like microwaves, single extractors and hobs can be cleaned for just £14. And let it be known – our all-round oven cleaning in Kingston is available not only at a very competitive price but also without any hidden fees and surcharges. Our pricing policy is transparent and the print is never small.

Why professional oven cleaning matters

It is really vital to have your oven professionally cleaned every once in a while. By doing that, you will prolong the lifespan of your cooker and you will make sure that it always looks presentable. Also, a properly cleaned oven has a better performance which means that the food which you prepare in it will be tastier. Most importantly, however, when you use licensed oven cleaning service in Kingston, you will reduce the chances of a home fire. Cookers which are not well-maintained and carefully cleaned can easily catch fire.

Additional cleaning services we offer

Sometimes, quality oven cleaning is not enough. That is why we have trained and equipped out diligent staff in the best way possible so that they can give you a hand with various other domestic cleaning tasks. You can rely on us for a wide range of trusted cleaning services in Kingston and those include:

  • Appliances Cleaning – the fastest way to have all of your kitchen appliances thoroughly sanitised. We clean all types of domestic appliances –microwaves, fridges, tumble dryers and etc. Prices start at £14 for a standard microwave oven. Even if you hire us for the cleaning of a dishwasher or an American style fridge, the price will be £30 and £33 respectively.
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning – suitable for domestic kitchens of any size. Clients who book us for this service will be charged by the hour. Prices start at barely £13 per hour and customers will be charged for a minimum of 3 hours. The service is executed in a very meticulous manner and it features the deep sanitisation of key kitchen zones.
  • BBQ Cleaning – our dedicated cleaning technicians can clean even the greasiest BBQs out there for a modest starting price of only £45 for a small rounded barbeque. The cleaning will be carried out on the spot and you will be able to use the BBQ immediately after we clean it. The cleaning of a large BBQ cost just £83.
  • AGA Cleaning – a service designed to help you maintain your AGA cooker in a tip-top condition. Our exceptional AGA cleaning covers the sanitisation not only of single side modules but also of AGA cookers with two or four ovens. Prices kick off at only £62 and the final results are always remarkable.

Skilled cleaners and eco-friendly products

Our cleaning technicians have years of experience and they have been professionally trained to use our modern cleaning equipment. The cleaning detergents which they use are green and 100% health-friendly. As a result, they will not contaminate your food with chemicals or with toxic fumes. You can hire us, from Oven Cleaning Kingston, on any day of the week.

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